Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Is wakeupnow a scam or pyramid scheme?

(An Unbiased Opinion from a real person)


So there are a lot of people talking about a new program called wakeupnow. It is supposed to give you an opportunity to start living life without financial troubles, and start living it the way you want. From what I've researched most of its members are actually earning $600 or more in the program every month. As well as saving 22% on their phone bill, 80% on their traveling, 70% on their taxes, and 40% on all their shopping in general. 

I didn't write this to regurgitate statistics. So lets walk through each aspect of the wakeupnow experience together.


Hopefully you watched that video. It basically explained that you make $600 by getting 3 people to join wakeupnow with you, and just for being a wakeupnow member you get all the benefits. Some mlm programs out their actually require you to have 20,000 people to be making decent money! I did a bit of research and wakeupnow seemed to be the perfect bang for the buck. I mean only $100 to join, and that would quickly payoff with the $600 a month income right? 

Lets take a closer look at the compensation plan at wakeupnow...


The compensation plan at this company is insane in my opinion. Many people are asking how the company can afford to payout this much without going broke! That should just be a hint that there is nothing else like this in the industry. What makes this so much fun, is that you have all the tools at your disposal once you actually signup for wakeupnow.

Before you decide whether wakeupnow is right for you or not lets watch one more video and look at some actually income proof of someone in wakeupnow making money. I would never suggest just jumping into a program without their being any substantial proof anyone is actually benefiting from it other than the people at the top! 


In depth explanation of "wun package" in video below 

So as you can see in the video above the products that you actually get as a member of wakeupnow far exceed the cost to join. The average family would not file bankruptcy or foreclose  if they had an extra $500 a month. How does $600 a month + all the extras sound to you right now? 

To good to be true? Lets look at some income proof from one wakeupnow member.

-below is an actual pic of back office earnings report-


That's a real picture of real income. That proves that wakeupnow is actually the real deal! Are you still trying to decide if you can make money in wakeupnow? Or are you worried that you won't be able to get anyone to join?

I thought about it, and how could i give an honest review of a product without even trying it? So I took a chance and joined wakeupnow the beginning of this month. I've been in other mlm programs that offer money, and a lot of it! I just never could get my hands on any of the money they constantly teased me with daily. 

Three days after joining wakeupnow I was already making a shocking $100 a month. That's when I decided I need to tell as many people as I can about this amazing program. I need to confirm that wakeupnow is not a scam. It is actually a really cool opportunity to make lots more money online every month.

-My Income Proof of $100 after 3 days... 

This is what I saw when I logged into my account after 3 days. I am going to help you duplicate my results. Now I am making well over $100 a month and its freaking awesome! You're not just going to receive all the great benefits, but I am going to personally make sure that you are successful with this program. 

I believe its time to stop sleeping, and dreaming about what you're going to do and actually do it! Its never to late to be successful. I highly recommend joining wakeupnow before someone fills your spot. 

I am looking forward to working with you.